The Quinton Shaw timepiece is not an ordinary wrist watch, but a blend of elegant design, functionality, and historical heritage.

Welcome to the world of Quinton Shaw, a trademark that strives to do the impossible by bringing luxury to every man and woman. It is embedded in our deep beliefs that luxury is a definition of class and eternal design, and not the price tag. So go ahead, wear a Quinton Shaw timepiece, and feel the extravagant sense of luxury.   

Design and Heritage

During the progress of each edition, our design team gathers inspiration from the architecture of a major city. Buildings, landmarks, roads and silhouettes generate the vision of the timepiece. That is the reason why we dedicate each edition to a city, by showcasing its silhouette on the back lid, and naming the edition after that particular city. Our scrupulous designing process is carried out around the serene and beautiful archipelago of Stockholm Sweden.


For centuries Switzerland has fashioned the world’s most luxurious watches. The dexterity and materials used in these watches are top-class and considered being the best in the industry. Since our watches are designed to keep exact time, we have selected to use high-quality Swiss Made movements. A movement is the heart and brain of the watch, and Quinton Shaw only settles for the best. 



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